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Tailor made solutions throughout the
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Design, Development, packaging and delivery for Home decor, Furnishings, Kitchen, Bath and Lighting products

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Success Stories

I have used 3S for many years to source, develop and monitor production and QC for several different product categories. Each time the work is professionally handled and most importantly there was constant up to date communication during each stage of the projects. Emails and all communications are responded to daily so there is no waiting for replies. Problems are anticipated up front so as to avoid any production delays. The work they perform is invaluable providing value and reducing the amount of time I need to be away from the business. Based on the previous successes I am actively looking to expand our working relationship.
Larry Traverso image
President of Home Furnishings
It was an amazing visit, as always. We are very happy to work with 3S and already look forward to our next visit. Overall support is more than excellent.
Stefanie Itzen image
Head of Buying

About Us

3S is fifteen year old strategic sourcing solutions provider based in India.

About Us

A trusted partner to the wholesale and retail trade in the home, lifestyle and furnishings product categories we provide direct sourcing solutions across the retail supply chain. Based in India, we were established in 2001 and have since grown to 65 employees in 7 cities across the country. We are on ground partners for our customers and committed to providing them a competitive edge by minimizing risk and maximizing value in their supply chain.

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